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what are your thoughts on harry getting papped everyday? he looks so tired...


Sigh. Look, I understand that pap pictures are a regular part of celebrity, and that One Direction as a whole has always made use of them for promotional reasons and keeping the celebrity in the public eye. That’s nothing new. That aside, despite his higher profile (created and sustained by his PR themselves), the disproportionate amount of Harry pictures in comparison to the other boys is just ridiculous and getting really old. What are pictures of Harry sitting at a cafe usually alone and looking bored on his phone selling? What are pictures of Harry looking tired and bored leaving a club alone selling? Not the band, not the music, not even Harry himself. If it’s promo for the club, why not send two or three boys? Why not even all of them and just do it less frequently?

Also, and this is the big thing, that’s all they do. They don’t do interviews. They don’t do cute behind the scenes videos. They barely go to awards shows. Yes they’re on tour, but as a band they should be maintaining a public profile and building anticipation for their future single. And pap pics which will mostly be seen by gossip readers and the existing fandom cannot do that on their own. You cannot sustain a fandom or gain new fans on that alone, especially if you want to gain older fans and market the boys as capable artists that work hard on their music and care about it, which they obviously do. Why not have them on a major talk show when they have time? or do a few smaller but visible interviews during each tour leg with outlets less gossip-y than something like E? Major artists like Coldplay do interviews, so there’s no reason One Direction should be exempt from them.

All I’m saying is that I think they could be spending time, money, and resources on more interesting and effective means of promo. The boys deserve better.

"#i wish the world would respect harry as much as he respects the world"

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Harry apologizing to those girls (if he did) would be like if someone hit you with their car while you were walking on the sidewalk, and then you apologized for getting in their way. That’s how fucking stupid it is.


"what would you do if you saw harry driving down the street???" well for starters I wouldn’t have been following him for 9 plus hours to begin with


What was the world like before one direction did we live productive lives how was I happy when I didn’t know of these bright happiness inducing creatures otherwise known as one direction

"Now kiss me you fool!"

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W.I.P. (:
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